gede merta demo

Demos restoration by gede merta


Demos restoration by gede merta

PPBI is an Indonesian Bonsai Enthusiasts Association, which has stood since 1979 until today, in order Hut PPBI 35th in two twon of Bandung and Bali. Balinese island of famous about culture, PPBI branch center selected by the as a demo implementation of the prestigious event and Internasional Exhibition Bonsai Class.  In this event, PPBI invite 16  master’s to show his skill, master of the world in attendance in Bali, yaitu namely Mr. Shinichi Nakajima from Japan, Mr. Min Hsuan Lo from Taiwan, Mr. Jose Luis Rodrigues from  Poerto Rico, Mr. Rajeev Vaidya from India, Mr. D. Ravindran from India and Mr Gede Merta from Bali. As for demo and International Exhibition Bonsai Class is divided into two areas .The demo performed more early time to opening the Bonsai and Suiseki Grand Indonesia Exhibition and in Bali was chosen as a implemented second place of this International Exhibition, as Indonesia host choose Mr Gede Merta from Bali to show his skill with which he had restoration techniques. Techniques Restoration by Gede Merta, where Mr Gede Merta revamp Yamadori not good become more good  become a distinct and has high art.. mr gede merta choose Yamadori which still a mess (composition, twigs, stems) demo used as a demo material, where materials are used actually was done from the beginning and in less than two hours Yamadori has changed the composition and look different from its original form.. Demonstrations conducted by mr gede merta getting a warm welcome from the president of BCI, where he was very struck by the appearance of  Mr Gede Merta and Presiden BCI said “ Mr Gede Merta Very best, best, best of the best, That compliment very proud and the day after the demonstration Mr Gede Merta get visit from Pedro J Morales, a reporter from Texas named Mr Hoe Choe, continued visit of the Indian State and Mr. Steven Haston from Australia where he is a person of BONSAI AUS (Australian Bonsai Community) and still guests more who have visited and met with Mr Gede Merta . process Mr Gede Merta be seen by glancing at the picture below:

The tools used include tools for genie, wire cutters, teak wood dust, glue, scissors, chisels, hammers, saws, Sentigi some pieces of wood that will be attached to the tree trunk that looks less than perfect



stripping the dead wood using a knife, skin Sentigi cleaned until looks the skin inside



Part rootstock look less perpect then in that section will be carved out to make the rod it look not rigid

 Part culms in sudah look evident

Part of trees which will be attached to the sentigi wood

forms the rhythm of motion between the dead wood with original tree matching and composition of motion has been seen that the next stage is done dead wood sculpt and the original tree looks together and not rigid

Upper part of the stem was attached dead wood, not that look flat

Trees in a state of semi-finished


This part Mr Gede Merta to explain that the position of the tree will be changed to make it look motion of the tree


Tree already in different position from the initial position


Engraving on the trunk that looks less than perfect


After finishing earlier stage and now reposition wire form at any branch of the tree,wire stage part branch must be done with care to avoid injury (broken tree branch) After finishing earlier stage and now reposition wire form at any branch of the tree, wire phase must be done with to avoid injury (broken tree branch)


Here wire process the should be noted that the wire size to be used shall be accordance with size the of the branch so that the wire can issue a maximum strength to form the desired branch


Cutting branches unfavorable composition of the tree

The final stage of treatment on dead wood

After the demo the tree enters the first stage, after experiencing some the next stage,   the tree will look perfect (please awaited it goes).